Maybe we can help?
Maybe we can help?



Are you looking for a way to market your business to a worldwide audience but not sure how to reach them?  Something that’s a different? Then maybe Lovely Silks Publishing can help.


As many of you know our mission is to reach out to contributors from a wide range of professions from all over the world to share their inspirational and motivational experiences in our book projects.


By placing a promotional advertisement  in one of our books, such as Successful Women in Business you will have a chance to invite other professionals and the readers of course to find out more about your business, building brand awareness to your target market.


open-book300Books stand the passage of time unlike an event or tweet, they are here to stay.  We currently have a great offer available for all our contributors.


If you would like to write a chapter and take out a full page promotional advertisement in one of our books this will be £400 /$600 (USD)



Please remember there maybe availability to Sponsor a book too.


If you would like some more information about placing a promotional advert in one of our books send us a message:


Books that change lives, together we will make a difference…….