How To Be Happy


Lovely Silks Publishing is producing the ultimate book about happiness, can you contribute a chapter? The book,  How To Be Happy, showcases insightful thoughts and ideas of what true happiness means and how we can achieve it.  How To Be Happy explores the concept of happiness in both our personal and business lives,  the relationship between happiness and success and how we can improve the quality of our lives through happiness.


We will also spotlight personal stories of people who have overcome challenges to find true happiness .


How To Be Happy will be produced as a paperback book as well as an E-Book.  Should we use your chapter we will publish your image at the end of your work as well as your bio including your contact details, social media etc…


To propose a chapter contributition, please complete the form below:

By collaborating together we can achieve so much more.... Books that change lives......


Closing date for this project is the 15th February 2018


By collaborating together we can achieve so much more….


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