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What have you achieved?

Lovely Silks Publishing is producing the definitive tribute book to outstanding people. Can you write an inspirational & motivational chapter?


If I Can, You Can will feature real-life stories that will inspire others and help them strive for success and overcome obstacles.  If I Can, You Can profiles individuals from all over the world whose stories could inspire others either in business or in their personal lives.


cake saleWe’re also interested in hearing from people that have dedicated their lives to caring for others and those that have made a significant contribution to their communities.  Maybe you’ve inspired others to find ways to make money to help someone in need.


Or over come an illness or recovered from life threatening accident, which has made you a stronger person during your recovery.


If you’d like to contribute an inspirational and motivational chapter to this amazing book If I can, You Can we would love to hear from you. Should you chapter be selected for the book, we will add your bio (no more than 300 words) to the end of your chapter displaying all your contact details, website, awards won etc… You can use this book, If I Can, You Can as a great marketing tool for your own future projects…


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By collaborating together we can achieve so much more.... Books that change lives......
Would you like to place a full page advert for your business after your chapter? This is not obligatory but its a great way to market your brand while supporting this project. A full page advert in this book will cost (USD)$500.
Would you like to discuss sponsoring this book if the option is available? Book sponsorship costs (USD) $1,000.
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Deadline for chapters:

5th December 2019


By collaborating together we will make a difference….


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