Recycling & Renewable Energy In Today’s World



Lovely Silks Publishing is embarking on this exciting new book project Recycling & Renewable Energy In Today’s World. This book will be a practical guide to maximise energy efficiency and sustainability in both the home and work place. Written by experts from around the world this book offers home owners and businesses alike thoughtful and insightful chapters on topics such as recycling, heating, lighting and windows to solar energy and renewable energy.


SOLARCAR-websiteIn an age where the world’s energy use is increasing rapidly while the planet’s reserves of fossil fuels are diminishing, it’s time for us all to get creative and think of alternatives.  This book will provide practical money and energy saving ideas that will help us meet the needs of tomorrow.


If you can write a chapter offering advice or insight into recycling and renewable energy we would like to hear from you.  Ideally we are looking for contributors who have practical experience of either recycling, or energy saving ideas either professionally as a business or as individuals in the home.  We are also looking to work with sustainability consultants, environmental efficiency experts and retailers specialising in recycled products.


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Recycling & Renewable Energy In Today’s World will be published as a paperback as well as an E-Book. Should we use your chapter we will publish your photograph and bio at the end of your chapter as well as your contact details, social media etc…


To propose a chapter contribution, simply complete the form below:


By collaborating together we can achieve so much more.... Books that change lives......
Would you like to place a full page advert for your business after your chapter? This is not obligatory but its a great way to market your brand while supporting this project. A full page advert in this book will cost (USD)$500.
Would you like to discuss sponsoring this book if the option is available? Book sponsorship costs (USD) $1,000.
We'd love to network with you and help promote your business too...


Deadline date for this book project is the 10th November 2018.


PLEASE CHECK your schedule before you commit to writing for us.


By collaborating together we will achieve so much more….

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