Having It All At Fifty Plus – Winners Edition


Are you fifty years young (or over) and determined to make the most of life?

Lovely Silks is producing the ultimate book showcasing first hand personal accounts of how people in their fifties and over are starting and running new businesses, forging new careers, relationships and achieving personal and professional goals.

We’re also interested in chapters telling how you’ve dealt with on-line dating, the menopause, the so-called mid-life crisis, and unexpected changes in your original life plan. Do you have a great fitness plan or some mindful meditation practices to share?


Having it All at Fifty Plus will provide valuable advice and insight into how this amazing generation is a generation of fighters, winners and achievers.


If you can write about your experience as a way of helping others, we’d love to hear from you. If we can use your chapter we will publish your profile, photograph and a link to your site.

Having it All at Fifty Plus will be produced as a paperback and E-book and marketed online and in book stores.

If you would like to be part of this exciting book simply complete the contributors form below:


By collaborating together we can achieve so much more.... Books that change lives......
Would you like to place a full page advert for your business after your chapter? This is not obligatory but its a great way to market your brand while supporting this project. A full page advert in this book will cost (USD)$500.
Would you like to discuss sponsoring this book if the option is available? Book sponsorship costs (USD) $1,000.
We'd love to network with you and help promote your business too...


The deadline for this book project us currently the 6th March 2018

By collaborating together we will make a difference….

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