Gabi Stephens From Craft Beer Bones Shares Her Chapter




What a great finish to the end of the week as we see the launch of another exciting title Recycling & Renewable Energy.


Gabi is a Sustainability Consultant and founder of Craft Beer Bones. She primarily works in recycling and resource recovery, waste strategy and implementation, resource efficiency in production and also sustainable marketing and PR.


We’ve chosen Gabi’s chapter, “Up-Cycling A Love Of Beer” as a sample chapter for the book:


The inspirational people behind Recycling & Renewable Energy


Gabi Stephens          Melissa Neighbour       Rolf Stein          Paul McCauley
Blake Lindley            Marie  Bethel           Pervaiz Lodhie           Liz Karschner
Pierino Puigsubirà        Craig Bines        William Jaffray      
Nicholas DePaul and Mateo Chaskel
Kiara O’Leary            Ann Nozica         Julia Goodfellow-Smith        Chayley Collis       Ally Cronan        
If you’d like to pick up a copy of this thought provoking title that could save you money and contribute to our planets well-being then Click Here                  

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