Donna Munro from Warm Witty Words Shares A Sample Chapter

We’re really excited to bring you the second in this book series Having It All At Fifty Plus.  Donna Munro from Warm Witty Words shares her chapter Missed The ‘boom’ In Baby Boomer for this exciting title Having It All At Fifty Plus Innovation Edition.


As we go through the different phases of life our new perspective can bring about not only thought-provoking changes mentally but also physical ones too. To many of us this is frequently known of as a mid-life crisis.   Often this crisis manifests itself as the fear of the unknown.  An irrational yet almost tangible fear that holds us back from reaching those dizzy heights of our full potential.

Having It All At Fifty Plus Innovation Edition the second book in this series has been written by contributors from all over the world, and from many different backgrounds.  This book will give you an insight into their individual journey’s and some of the challenges they have had to overcome.
For some a change in mind-set is all that’s needed as reaching fifty should be a time to celebrate. It’s a time to remember that there are so many that have not made it this far.  Some of us use this time as ‘me time.’ Now the family has grown it may be the perfect time to start the business we have always dreamt about. For others it’s travelling and enriching our lives by experiencing other cultures.  On the more physical side, how do you cope with the changes that the menopause forces upon us? How do we cope with the changes in our strength and physical agility?

Having It All At Fifty Plus Innovation Edition answers many of these questions while, at the same time, providing valuable gems of inspiration that proves that the fifties is truly the ‘I can’ generation.  If you are looking for creative ideas on how to welcome being fifty plus then Having It All At Fifty Plus Innovation Edition is essential reading.
By taking action and always being ready to learn more about ourselves the transition to this next phase in our life can be the best one yet.


Jacqueline & the team

The thought leaders who contributed to this book:


Donna Munro – Missed The ‘boom’ In Baby Boomer?

Dr Janet Hall – What If You Can’t Find A Loving, Trusting Sexual Partner?

Adele Partridge  –  Being Quintastic Is Fantastic                 Carla Germain – Share Your Heart’s Passion

 Janet McNeill – Fifty Years Young & Loving It!        Hilary Hogg – Can We Have Some Chickens Please?

               Inge Sarahulsingh – Menopause                      Kayley Harris – Freedom To Move On

Emily Herrick – What About Where That Guy Lives?    Merryn Snare – The Conservative Entrepreneur

Leann Middlemass – Unravelling Relationships            Jacynth Bassett – Refusing To Be Invisible

Martine Robins – What Does Having It All Really Mean?   Michela Fantinel – How To Embrace The Golden Age Of The Fifties!

 Anne McKeown – Mind Over Matter Does Matter In Mid-Life      Lannah Sawers-Diggins – The Outback

Jane Curnow – I Celebrated My 50th Birthday On Stage In A Bikini


We’ve chosen Donna Munro chapter Missed The ‘boom’ In Baby Boomers? for a sample chapter Click Here to read.


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