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Fifty Years Young and Loving It!



janet-mcneill-photo2Life begins at 50!  My 50th birthday found me climbing Adams Peak in Sri Lanka with my partner. My dad, who was 80 years old came on our first trip to Sri Lanka with us.  Travelling to Sri Lanka had been a goal of my partner’s for a few years. We had booked this trip on a spur of the moment decision on a quiet Sunday morning, after getting one of those numerous travel emails showing special deals.  We rented an apartment in Colombo and did some day trips, then our tour guide arranged for a guide and driver to take us on a 5 day trip further into Sri Lanka, with the pinnacle being spent climbing Adams’ Peak. On the day of my 50th, we were all up at 12.30am – dad to see us off, and David and I to climb over 5,831 steps in the dark to reach the pinnacle of Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada) and greet the sunrise.  There is a monastery at the top, with a shrine to “Buddha’s Footprint” so many pilgrims make the climb to the top all year round.

Little did I know, David had carried with him a very precious gift. While greeting the sunrise, in the freezing cold dawn with frozen fingers, David struggled to get something from his backpack, dropped to his knees (I thought he was either praying, or very unwell), and produced an intriguing little package, he held my hand and proposed.  What a truly romantic and totally unexpected event.

With the sunrise in the background, Monks, pilgrims and tourists all around us, and the shrine to Buddha’s footprint nearby, this was absolutely a birthday to remember.

Two years later, after having been in real estate sales for close to 8 years, I made the plunge and opened my own agency.  What a huge challenge this has been.  A woman in a man’s domain – I had tired of the blokey attitudes, total lack of respect for women, and the older generation being taken advantage of by so many in this Industry, so finally made the daunting leap – talk about sink or swim!

My vision is to make a difference to the amazing women I meet, who are juggling families, careers, parents, and blended families in this fast paced technological world – one where we are so busy trying to keep up with daily life, being faced with a life changing task of moving house, just becomes too difficult .  I want to make the process simple, easy and efficient.  Many women are in a similar role to me, being the primary helper for their aging parent/s, helping them to make their own life changing decision to downsize and move into the retirement phase.  Many of the older generation are also coping with their own failing health or that of their loved one.

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