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We’re all very excited here at Lovely Silks Publishing as we see the launch of another amazing title Marketing Secrets. A book that brings you all the latest marketing tips from around an ever changing world of business.


As we all know,  customers are the most important part of any business.  Without them, there is no business. It does not matter what size of business you have or if you’re running a family business that’s been around for a hundred years, marketing matters.


Researched over two years and spanning seven continents,  this book offers a wealth of thought provoking and insightful guidance from people that have worked in the field of marketing for years. Professionals that have experienced many successes and failures working on and off-line.  Chapters include, Creativity In Marketing – The Variable For Success, Marketing Success – Writing Online and Snowy The Chicken & Other Animals – The Stories That Hold You Back to name but a few.


Marketing Secrets will explore the fundamental strategies for planning your marketing and answers some of the biggest questions you may have before diving into a social media initiative.


The Thought Leaders Who Contributed To Market Secret:


Travis Longmore        Jennifer Vanderslice        Joe Friedlein       Mark Horwood


Mackayla Paul         Dan Pinne         Phoebe Garcia        Owen Norris


Marcus Grodentz             Åsa Christina Magnusson


A huge thank you to everyone involved in this exciting book project from Jacqueline & the team.


Travis Longmore

To give you an insight to what’s inside we’d like to share a few paragraphs from just one of the chapters in this title, “Creativity In Marketing – The Variable For Success” written by Travis Longmore.  Travis  is  the Social Strategist at Move37, a start-up in Melbourne, Australia developing artificial intelligence creative tools for business.


Click Here to sample some of Travis Longmore’s work:


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