Recipes That Make You Go Mmm…


Do you have an original recipe that you would like to share in our cookbook, Recipes That Make You Go Mmm….?


Lovely Silks Publishing is looking for original recipes for Recipes That Make You Go Mmm,  our unique cookbook will be written by business people from around the world.


Contributors to this book must be chefs, restaurant/business owners, coaches or consultants with a passion for food. This book may not have the fancy sharp pictures of each finished recipe but they will illustrated by colourful short stories as to what makes them so meaningful and tasty.


As well as sharing your recipe,  we will also publish your photograph and profile with links to your business website, your social media and any awards won.


So just a quick recap we produce an amazing book, you get to promote your business in a unique way and you have something out of the ordinary to gift to those loyal customers of yours.


If you’re interested in contributing to Recipes That Make You Go Mmm… simply complete the form below.


Sharing a meal with family and friends is a sure way to relax, talk and reflect on the day or simply share what you’ve been doing with the time apart.  It can also build those important memories too.


This book project will be now launched at the end of March 2018.





Books that change lives, together we will make a difference….

By collaborating we can achieve so much more.


By collaborating together we can achieve so much more.... Books that change lives......
Would you like to place a full page advert for your business after your chapter? This is not obligatory but its a great way to market your brand while supporting this project. A full page advert in this book will cost (USD)$500.
Would you like to discuss sponsoring this book if the option is available? Book sponsorship costs (USD) $1,000.
We'd love to network with you and help promote your business too...

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