Recipes That Make You Go Mmm…

We’re all really excited here at Lovely Silks Publishing as we see the launch of this unique cookery book “Recipes That Make You Go Mmm…”.


Brought to you from contributors from around the world. A collection of mouthwatering recipes and heart warming short stories as to what makes them so special.  These personal stories transport us from the Second World War and all the way back to the present day.   All involve a unique recipe that, if you allow yourself, will make you go mmm….


A tasty main meal from Cameroon, The Best Banana Spiced Muffins On The Planet from Australia as well as some delicious chocolate recipes every cook book should have.




Sharing The Wonderful Chefs & Creative Minds

Passionate About Food That Have

Contributed To This Book

Gaye Whitwam         Renne Blackwell       Liz Wilson           Chef Joel Bickford


Jessica Tichonczuk           Hortense Julienne           Dr. Ros Milligan          Marie Bethel


Melanie Eager          Sylvia North      Mituri Pradip Sharma


I’d also like too personally give a special thank you to Marnie Higgs, who has the ability to create some tremendous artwork and kindly designed the front cover for Recipes That Make You Go Mmm..

“The Female Cornucopia”


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