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Living in today’s fast lane of life we occasionally find some women make us stop and take notice of their creative and innovative ideas, that take their business to a new dizzy entrepreneurial level.  We can always learn from those women that have gone before us and made such a difference to the world by their determination and vision.


We’re looking for such women that have forged their new ideas in business and made them successful in their field of expertise for this exciting book project Women Entrepreneurs. These women are rarely satisfied with the status quo: Instead they strive to build a world in the way it should be rather than abiding by a system that’s potentially archaic or outdated.

Women Entrepreneur’s will showcase women from around the world from many different backgrounds and cultures. Through perseverance, determination and the refusal to accept second best the women within the pages of this book will show how they have overcome seemingly surmountable obstacles to become the inspiration to countless women around the globe.


Interested in contributing a chapter to this book project then simply complete the contributors form below:

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Deadline Date : 20th July 2018


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