Successful Women In Business

Successful Women In Business
Successful Women In Business



Lovely Silks Publishing is very excited to bring you this amazing book Successful Women In Business. This is an motivational book that will help you commit to either starting your business or to push past those obstacles that are preventing you from moving forward in you business.

Women entrepreneurs are rarely satisfied with the status quo: Instead they strive to build the world in the way it should be rather than abiding by a system that’s potentially archaic or outdated.
The inspiring women showcased in Successful Women in Business are living testaments to the fact that breaking down barriers for women in the workplace is key to success for companies and for countries.
Successful Women in Business offers insightful and thought provoking chapters from women entrepreneurs who have excelled in the fields of technology, education, retail, real estate and more. Through perseverance, determination and a refusal to accept second best, the women showcased in this book have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to become an inspiration to countless women across the world.


 Here Are The  Thought Leading Contributors Within Successful Women In Business

Junko Kemi               Lorena Öberg                Rosie Shalhoub

Emma Coleman        Linda Stewart                Melissa Aguirre

Stacey Suish             Christine Khor               Judith Treanor

Catherine Craig         Kiran Singh                Rebecca Carroll – Bell

April Morse                Suzi Chen                      Roberta Perry

Renee Catt                Sandra Yeow          Samantha R. Strazanac


Click here to read a sample chapter from Junko Kemi from kay me

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