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Dr John Demartini
Dr John Demartini

Dr John Demartini a Performance & Behaviour Specialist contributed a chapter: “My Journey from Chiropractor to International Professional Speaker”.

Since the early 1970’s when I was 18 years old, I have dreamed about, worked toward, and spent most of my time researching, writing, traveling, and teaching around the world, particularly in the fields of healing, personal and professional development, leadership and philosophy. As a young child who met regularly with a Paediatrician to receive leg and arm braces to combat deformities in my limbs while also undergoing speech therapy from a speech pathologist, the desire for greater life, unconstrained freedom, and health was an inexorable part of my life. Later, during my teen years, I dropped out of high school and spent time living in California, Mexico, and then Hawaii, surfing, working at a local health food store, doing odd jobs or panhandling, and living in a tent and off the land. The mindfulness I gained through surfing, the connectedness to the earth I experienced living on the beach, and the exposure to “healthful eating equates to a healthful being” gained during my health food store experience all combined to further galvanize my later lifelong pursuits.

At that time in Hawaii, I was more aimless than I cared to admit, and had it not been a chance encounter with a man named Paul C. Bragg, who inspired and encouraged me to achieve a much greater potential, I may today be a has-been beach bum, or possibly dead. Instead, I moved back to my then-home in Richmond, Texas, took a G.E.D. high school equivalence test (where I guessed at most of the answers and somehow passed), and then took a college entrance test (again, guessing and passing). I finally became a college student, first at Wharton Junior College, where I initially failed; but, with additional effort, I gradually passed and then attended the University of Houston, where I began to excel. I knew I wanted to pursue the healing profession, and followed the only route available – which was pre-med – but did not believe human beings had a deficiency of drugs and an excess of organs, and instead believed that each individual had an inner capacity to heal. So instead I pursued the field of natural healing and became a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC).

Additionally, I had a love for researching, writing, and teaching, and at the time had a group of students that I spoke to every day on a variety of topics. I found immense fulfilment in teaching, tutoring, and speaking to my fellow students. I loved taking complex matters and distilling them down to their core components and then making analogies that people could understand and learn from. Most of all, I loved seeing the light switch on when my students suddenly “got it.”

This daily activity of researching, writing, and teaching was very satisfying to me on several levels. People would often tell me I had an engaging way of explaining things, and that as a teacher I was a “natural.” These encouraging words from my peers reinforced what I was doing and inspired me to want to take my interest in the science and my philosophy of wellness and well-being and use them as a stepping stone into the emerging field of human behaviour and education.

Although I desired to be a doctor and healer, I continued to struggle with the idea of dispensing medicine. My whole adult life, I have believed the power to heal could be found within ourselves. With traditional medicine, I would see doctors target and treat the symptoms of a malady, but not always probe further to the root of the problem. This was a real disconnect for me. Furthermore, the doctors I met with did not seem to have the strongest personal relationships with their patients. One of the aspects of speaking to students I really loved was the relationship I had with each person as I tried like a detective to unearth the greatest way to get information to “click” for them.

I soon found the small numbers of groups I was speaking to were growing larger by the week. My daily and evening unofficial speaking forum was steadily morphing into a public speaking and education business. Under the tall pine trees outside the entrepreneurial buildings at The University of Houston, I would lecture on health, psychology, and philosophy issues to large groups of students, sometimes reaching audiences of more than 150 people. A calling stirred within me; I felt at home “on stage” sharing knowledge.

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