We're really excited here at Lovely Silks Publishing as we see the launch of this title How To Be Happy.


Humans are perhaps the only species to consciously experience pleasure and contemplate their future happiness.  I hope that this book will help you gain a better understanding of your own happiness and provide you with the tools you need to separate the signal from the noise and live happier, more rewarding lives.


For all the great gems of wisdom in this book, I am eternally grateful to our team of wise and wonderful contributors. We're sure our readers will be motivated and inspired...


Sharing The Thought Leaders Behind This Title:


Harry Sherwood,       Jay Anderson,       Rebecca Louise Kelly


Renae Cobley,      Melanie Ann McDaniel,      Kris Deminick,


Tonya GJ Prince,       Katrina-Jane Bart,        Chrissy Leontios,


Kumu Pa’a Lawrence Kalaina Kamani Aki & Kumu Pa’a Kawika Foster

We've chosen a sample chapter by Harry Sherwood from Consciously to give you a preview of How To Be Happy - Simply Click Here 


Producing this book has made me very happy.


Read and enjoy.



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