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We're very excited to bring you Reboot Your Life -Sunrise Edition the second book in this amazing series.  Reboot Your Life -Sunrise Edition is an inspiring, thought provoking book that will help you commit to reinventing yourself and living life to your fullest potential.


Written by contributors from all over the world, this book will be your constant companion on the road to change and a better future. Chapters include Making Adversity Ok, Awaken You Potential and Finding the Strength and Courage to Live Your Dream tapping into the strength and courage to live your dream and giving yourself the gift of time.

In order to truly live life to the full we must make a conscious decision and commitment to reboot our lives. Waiting for the Universe to tell us what to do can often mean we spend a long time languishing with uncertainty, procrastination and pain. By choosing to reboot our lives we forge our new identity with certainty and love. That is where this book will prove an invaluable guide.


Together we will make a difference.....


The inspiring people that have contributed to this book:


Sarah Lajeunesse               Janelle Ryan           Dr. Asoka Jinadasa, PhD              Rosanna Lauria

Jacqui Brauman                 Kiran Singh             Dr John Demartini                         Mark Miljons –Rostoks

Susie Mackie                     Melanie Mack          Amanda Hart                                Lynn Anderton

Jodie Leggett                  Angela Clifford          Anthony M. Drago                        Samantha Jansen

Orsolya Bartalis               Desiree Taylor          Jonita D’souza                                               


This edition is reserved for contributors only


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