Successful Women In Business Innovation Edition


We're all very excited as we see the launch of Successful Women In Business Innovation Edition the third book in this series. We have brought together some amazing women entrepreneurs with creative and innovative ideas that we hope will encourage you to believe you to can make a difference.

Women Entrepreneurs are rarely satisfied with the status quo: Instead they strive to build the world in the way it should be rather than abiding by a system that's potentially archaic or outdated. The inspiring women showcased  in Successful Women In Business Innovation Edition are living testaments to the fact that breaking down barriers for women in the workplace is key to success for companies and for countries.

The thought leaders within Successful Women In Business Innovation Edition offer insightful and thought provoking chapters.  Showing how they as  women entrepreneurs  have started new businesses, excelled in the fields of technology, education and retail.  Some have  revived  existing businesses taking them to new dizzy heights.

Starting a company, or managing a company through a period of transition and growth, can be an exhilarating roller coaster of emotions with sensational highs and at times incredibly difficult lows.

Through perseverance, determination and a refusal to accept second best., these strong  women  have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  In doing so they have become an inspiration to countless women  around the world.

Successful Women In Business Innovation Edition is essential  reading for any women about to start their own enterprise.


The Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs Who Have Contributed To

Successful Women In Business Innovation Edition:

Sarah Giblin         Melissa Nicholls        Katie Clayton

Irene Manson           Colleen Wong          Anne Block

Hiam Sakakini & Monika          Nora Wendel          Renee Blackwell

Rosalind Cardinal        Junko Kemi        Judith Treanor

Christine Khor      Lorena Öberg       Rosie Shalhoub      Emma Coleman

A huge thank you to everyone that has taken part in this awe-inspiring book project from Jacqueline and the team.

Sarah Giblin

We’ve chosen Sarah Giblin from her company Riut’s as our sample chapter Turning The World’s Backpacks Around

to read Sarah’s Innovation and Journey Click Here


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