Here at Lovely Silks Publishing when we put out a request for contributors to our latest book projects we never know who, where or which part of the world those writers will come from.  Such as Sri Lanka, Australia, Canada, Mexico and the UK to name but a few.

It’s really exciting to reach businesses and people from all walks of life sharing their experiences and looking to also help inspire and motivate others to live their lives to it’s fullest potential.

From a publishing point of view many people live life in the fast lane of life and do not have time to write a complete book but they do have time to share some words of wisdom in a chapter.

We thought we would share some of the beautiful comments we receive here at Lovely Silks Publishing from some of the contributors we help to get published.


Denis Bowman


Denis contributed 4 beautiful poems to Still Waters Run Deep, which was published in July 2016. Here’s Denis sharing a few kind words when he held a copy of the finished book in his hands:

Dear Jacqueline – what words can I use to describe “Still Waters Run Deep”?  Perhaps gratitude and humility (with a ‘tinge’ of pride) would come close to saying exactly how I feel.

You are so talented/gifted. Jacqueline you are a blessing to us all.  I must send a THANK-YOU to the artist (Jodie Lee Liggett), her contributions and illustrations within Still Waters Run Deep are extra-ordinary please ‘tell’ her that I am gob-smacked by her talent. I will of course send her an email myself.  My books arrived in today’s mail. All in excellent condition!

Jacqueline seeing my poems in print is a life-time dream. I never thought that this ‘moment’ would ever happen to me, others yes…me??? Nahh.

Kindness – Denis J Bowman.


Mark Miljons – Rostoks

Reboot Your Life

Mark was and is such an inspiration to us all here at Lovely Silks Publishing.  Can you believe he wrote his chapter “Making Adversity Okay” one solemn letter at a time with a sensor on his head and an on screen keyboard. Find out more by listening to Mark’s chapter in his Reboot Your Life video. It’s amazing what people can do when they put their minds to it…. – Click Here

Here’s a few words Mark sent us in an email:

Hi Jacqueline & the team at Lovely Silks,

Thank you so much for the email. The video is great:)

And it was absolutely my pleasure to be a part of the Reboot Your Life project, in fact I believe this is part of the human experience that needs much more attention. So well done!!

This book “Reboot Your Life” will help many people.

Much love,


Amanda Hart

Amanda wrote a thought provoking chapter “Finding The Source Of Own Creativity” in our Reboot Your Life book and promotional video project. Amanda’s life is now dedicated to helping others globally that have suffered from abuse, past and present. Here’s a few words Amanda sent to us via email:

Hi Jacqueline & the team at Lovely Silks,

I’ve now seen the video and posted and shared throughout my network and it’s so heart warming to hear all the lovely comments.

I am looking forward to seeing the feedback in the future as word spreads.

Best wishes

Amanda Hart

Jodie Lee Leggett
Jodie Lee Leggett

The is a very talented artist Jodie designed not only the front cover of Still Waters Run Deep but also did some other beautiful illustrations for us as well.  Jodie contributed a poem, “Daddies Girl” to this amazing book of poetry Still Waters Run Deep as well as a chapter “Create The Life You Love” in the inspirational book Reboot Your Life.

Here’s Jodie sharing a few words:

You and the team at Lovely Silks Publishing have been brilliant through out and I’m so grateful for the opportunity you have given me.

I hope you are getting on well with everything!

Speak again soon.


Front Cover designed by Jodie Lee Leggett
Front Cover designed by Jodie Lee Leggett



Illustration in Still Waters Run Deep by Jodie Lee Leggett
Illustration in Still Waters Run Deep by Jodie Lee Leggett
Illustration in Still Waters Run Deep by Jodie Lee Leggett
Illustration in Still Waters Run Deep by Jodie Lee Leggett






Sharing feedback from Marcus a contributor to
The Art of Effective Communication

Former journalist Marcus Grodentz from Magor is one of a dozen experts from around the world who have contributed to a newly published book on effective communication.
Contributors from the UK, Australia and the United States have been brought together to provide chapters on a range of differing communication skills.
Included in the book are chapters covering presentation skills, campaigning, effective public speaking, mindset, social media and relationships.
Marcus, who moved from journalism into public relations now works as a coach helping entrepreneurs to promote themselves and their businesses more effectively.
He said: “ I was delighted to be asked to be part of this international project which has brought together experts from across the globe to pool their knowledge.
“Communications is integral to absolutely everything we do – from personal life to business. These are skills which it is important to use and practice. Having a book like this which covers a range of different uses and applications should be an essential read for everyone.”
The Art of Effective Communication is published by Lovely Silks Publishing and is available from their website at:
or from Amazon.com – coming soon.
Marcus works with his wife Maggie who is a counsellor and together they run Novus Coaching and Counselling

By collaborating together we can achieve so much more….