Exciting Book Project – The Art of Communication

Lovely Silks Publishing has teamed up with The Energy Healing Magazine to create a new book project The Art of Communication – would you like to be part of this and become a published author in 2022?

In our ever changing world and with modern technology reaching more corners of our planet, communication in the 21st century has taken on a whole new meaning. With the use of mobile phones, tablets and computers many are reverting to emoji’s to express feelings and emotions instead of relying on the written word. Surely although the way we communicate with each other has changed, we all just want to be understood right?

We’re looking for professionals within the health and wellness industry offering practical, proven and easy to follow advice on how to improve the quality of your life by embracing communication. Each contributor will be asked to write a chapter on any of the following subjects or any other relevant communication topics:

  1. What tools and skills do you need to communicate, do we need more than a string of words put together?
  2. Can our body language say more about the way we’re feeling before we even speak a word?
  3. Planning ahead, is this important when meeting someone for the first time. With social media so ready available should we do our homework/view a profile?
  4. Does appearance, confidence and intelligence matter?
  5. Why do we need to communicate thoughtfully so people understand what we mean in the workplace, home, life in general.
  6. Communicating in business, networking and building relationships post pandemic. We saw how we were forced to finding new ways to make communication work.
  7. Why is it our pets seem to know exactly what we mean when we talk to them?

We will add an image of yourself, a short bio of no more than 200 words and links to your social networks at the end of your chapter.

Interested then complete the form below:

Please note that purchasing a set number of books is NOT a requirement or a condition for your chapter being accepted. But purchasing copies of the paperback book is a really good way of supporting the project and (if you’re a business) it gives you fantastic books to use as part of your marketing mix. If you’re not a business, you’ll have books with your name in them to share with family and friends. Should you wish to purchase a number of books once published, contributor books are on average £10 / $15 (USD) per copy. Once the book is published I would like:


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